Multimeter/Network Analyzer

RPM100 Power quality analyzer-class A

RPM100 Power quality analyzer-class A
► Measurements:VL-L, VL-N, I, In, Iz, Cos∅, Pf, Hz, W, ΣW, Va, ΣVa, Var, ΣVar, import Kwh, export Kwh import Kvarh, export Kvarh,
V-THD, I-THD, 1-128th harmonic , system running hours, % voltage unbalance, % current unbalance, % system load,
% system leakage, total frequency,
►Fast simultaneous sampling on all 8 channels at 1024 samples/cycle(True RMS measurements)
► For single-phase, two-phase, three-phase system
► 3 voltage channel input, voltage direct connection up to 690VLL or through PT for MV and HV systems.
► 5 current input: 0.05-5.5A
► 4th current channel dedicated for neutral current measurements, the current measuring range (CT primary and secondary )
can be programmed together with the main three-phase channels.
►5th current channel reserved for Earth Leackage monitoring (Z CT input) according t o IEC60755 & IEC61140.
►Suitable for 45-65Hz systems.
► All measured voltage characteristics certified according to IEC/EN61000-4-30:2015 Ed.3, Class A
► Four quadrants energy measurement and Monthly energy calculation
► Transients detection >25us, Detection of events >10ms
► Voltage flicker measurement, % system load
► Maximum, minimum and demand for U, I, P, Q, S in hours, days, months
► Phase diagram for voltage, current
Data storage & recordings
► Voltage and current sag/swell and transient event capture
► Waveforms capture for voltage, current
► Automatic fault analysis and report: Phase sequence, Phase fault, Voltage over, Voltage under, Sag/swell, Lightning, Frequency over,
Current over, Short circuit, Leakage, Arc fault (according to IEC62606: 2013)
► Alarm event log: VL-L, VL-N, I, In, ΣW, ΣVar, THD-U, THD-I...
► Monthly energy calculation
► Built in 256M flash memory &32MB RAM for event and transient memory
► Micro SD(support 32GB) for fault logger and data logger
► Data recorded in standard excel file formats for further EN50160 analysis
Clock & language
► Real time clock with integrated backup rechargeable battery
► English, Chinese (traditional & simplied) or other
► RS485 port for data reading in Modbus RTU
Function module (only one can be selected)
► Ethernet (Modbus TCP), Web server+2 digital input +2 relay output(remote or alarm) (Standard)
► 7 digital input +2 relay output(remote or alarm)
► 7 digital input +2 analog output(4-20mA) for V1,V2,V3,V12,V23,V31,I1,I2,I3
► Temperature & humidity Measurement +2 digital input +2 relay output(remote or alarm)
Arc fault detection
►Fire in electrical installation is usually caused by electric arc fault. Arc fault occurrence is caused by conductor damage or imperfect
connection of conductors. This leads to the temperature increase of a conductor and insulation, carbonation of insulation, conductor
disconnection, arcing and subsequently to the fire ignition.
►Above commonly used smoke alarms. The arc fault detection feature is built in RPM100. It reliably detect currents caused by arc fault
(amperes) and quickly and safely disconnect the fault circuit to avoid fire. which can significantly reduce the number of deaths and damage
caused by fire in electrical installation.
►The operator is responsible for consideration of solution risks resulting in use of RPM100.
Arc fault detection feature are according to IEC62606: 2013

Auxiliary supply
Operating voltage (Un)
85···265 VAC 50/24-48VDC,4VA(Depend on order)
Power consumption
10VA max
Measurement input
Voltage inputs for direct connection
Phase-neutral(L-N): max 400V RMS CAT III
Input impedance(for direct voltage inputs)
CT inputs
max 5.5A RMS
CT inputs overload capacity 
max 10A
CT inputs Self-consumption 
Digital inputs
Active dry contact
Digital outputs
2 Relay N/O 220VAC 5A
Analog outputs
4-20mADC / max load 500Ω
Pulse output
5-30VDC Max.50mA, Min. 50msec pulse width
Three phase voltage
± 0,1
± 0,1% 
± 0,3%
Power factor
± 0,3%
± 0,02%
Class 1 (IEC/EN61000-4-7)
Active Energy 
Class 0.2S (IEC/EN 62053-22)
Reactive Energy 
Class 0.5S (IEC/EN 62053-23)
Insulation voltage
3kV for 1min,50Hz
Display type                                                   240x160 pix LCD
Environmental conditions
Opterating temperature
Storage temperature
Relative humidity
95% max without condensing
max 2000m AMSL
Installation & use
Mechanical characteristics
Panel mount 96x96mm(The panel cut-size 92*92mm)
Front(WXH)96x96mm, Rear (HxD) 90x70mm
Degree of protection
IP40(optional IP54) on front
IP20 housing and terminals
Standard compliance
Reference standard
IEC61010-1; IEC61557-1;IEC61557-12; IEC61326-1;IEC62053-21;
IEC62053-22; IEC62053-31; IEC60068-2-1; IEC60068-2-30;
IEC60364-5-52; IEC61000-3-2; IEC61000-3-3; IEC61000-4-2;
IEC61000-4-3; IEC61000-4-4; IEC61000-4-5; IEC61000-4-6;
IEC61000-4-8; IEC61000-4-11; IEC61000-4-30
►Measuring: VL-L, VL-N, I, In, Cos, Pf, Hz, W, ΣW, Va, ΣVa,Var, ΣVar, Kwh, Kvarh, THD-U, THD-I, 1-128th harmonics
►Real time clock
►System running hours
►1-24 months energy calculate and recording
7 digital input and 2 relay output(remote or alarm) or analog output
►Waveforms and phase diagram for voltage, current
Waveform record and sag, swell and transient event capture.
►Alarm event Log(over and under): VL-L, VL-N, I, In, ΣW, ΣVar,THD-U, THD-I
Micro SD for data log (support 32GB)
15 Minutes
≥15 Years
≥30 Years
≥60 Years