Company Honor 公司荣誉

LONPART is a joint brand of British and Chinese companies. LONPART (UK)  electronics Co., Ltd focus on the development and production of power automation products;  It is a partner of many companies around the world。The LONPART brand covers industrial products such as power measurement; power protection&control relay; power factor correction (PFC) and harmonics filter(APF)。“Boost ourself and meet your needs ”is our concept,constantly create new products to satisfy our customers.
"朗帕(龙帕特)" 是英国公司和中国公司的联合品牌。LONPART(英国)电子有限公司专注于电力自动化产品的开发和生产;  它是世界上许多公司的合作伙伴。"朗帕(龙帕特)"  包括工业产品,如电力测量;电源保护和控制继电器;功率因数校正(PFC)和谐波滤波器(APF)等.